Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Winter Haven, FL

At Dream Dental Winter Haven, you don’t need to be afraid of having a tooth pulled. With gentle and experienced hands like those of our general dentist, tooth extraction can be relatively painless and easy to heal. It’s our goal to provide the dream dental experience, and that will always include a comprehensive explanation of the procedure, your aftercare, and what to expect.

Your peace of mind and comfort are our top priorities. So, if pulling a tooth is scary or overwhelming, we offer conscious sedation options that will make the process a lot easier. We also strive to make dentistry more accessible for people who suffer from dental phobia. That’s why we offer accommodations to ease your stress.

Tooth Removal to Improve Health, Alignment, & Comfort

Dental extraction doesn’t have to be a last-ditch effort to treat an infected tooth. Extractions are routinely done for people with severe overcrowding problems. Sometimes, we pull teeth to give orthodontic care its best shot of aligning your teeth.

Even if you aren’t gearing up for orthodontic treatment, overcrowding can cause a number of dental and oral health problems, including:

  • Loss of enamel
  • Higher risk of cavities
  • Gum inflammation and recession
  • Headaches
  • Tooth injuries such as cracks and chips

What Does a Routine Tooth Extraction Look Like?

For most people, tooth removal is fast, easy, and relatively painless. To remove the tooth, our dentist will use what’s called an elevator. First, they numb the gums with a local anesthetic. Then, they place the elevator over the crown of the tooth and lift it out of the gums. Once we clean up the gums and stitch them up, you’re done! It’s that simple.

After the procedure, we will prescribe tooth extraction aftercare which may include directions about cleansing your wound, food and drinks to avoid, and an expected healing timeline.

Tooth Extractions Due to Infection

If your tooth is badly injured or infected, you may face a slightly more involved extraction. Sometimes, our dentist will need to cut the tooth and remove it in parts. We may also need to more thoroughly cleanse the gums or prescribe antibiotics if an infection was present.

Here are some signs that you may need an infected tooth extraction:

  • Severe tooth pain and throbbing
  • Pain that shoots to other parts of the face or jaw
  • Swelling of the jaw or face
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Fever, nausea, or vomiting
  • Persistent, bleeding

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

For some, wisdom tooth extraction can also be a more involved process. As wisdom teeth tend to grow at odd angles or don’t completely erupt, their removal may require sedation and oral surgery. We can talk with you about how this process might differ from a routine extraction when you schedule your consultation.

For Tooth Extractions So Easy You Dream Right Through Them

Visit Dream Dental Winter Haven for routine and emergency tooth extractions. Pulling a tooth won’t always be simple and easy, but with dental accommodations and gentle care, we hope it’s stress-free enough for you to sleep through. The dream dental experience is just a phone call away. Book online or call 863-508-2565 today.