Dental Accommodations

Dental Accommodations in Winter Haven, FL

Excellent dental care is essential for excellent health, but the stakes are even higher for those with dental anxiety, dental fear, or severe gag reflexes. Fortunately, Dr. Carolina Londono and our compassionate team at Dream Dental of Winter Haven can better ensure that your loved ones have the support that they need by offering dental accommodations as needed.

Dental Anxiety & Phobia

Do you get a pit in your stomach at the mere thought of visiting the dentist? If so, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety and dental phobia are natural and common fears that affect many people. Dental anxiety is a feeling of unease or nervousness when you have an upcoming appointment. In contrast, dental phobia is an extreme fear that can cause people to avoid the dentist altogether.

Both conditions are treatable and manageable, and there are many techniques that our dentist can use to help calm anxious patients, such as gentle communication, dental sedation, and distraction techniques. Remember, our dental team is here to help you maintain your oral health and keep your smile shining for years to come—which also comes with helping you manage your dental anxiety or dental fear.

Severe Gag Reflex

A severe gag reflex can be an uncomfortable and distressing experience, but understanding what it is can help alleviate some of the stress. Essentially, a gag reflex is a natural mechanism in the body that protects us from choking on foreign objects or substances. When it becomes severe, however, it can be triggered by even the slightest sensation in the back of the throat, making dental visits and procedures more challenging.

A severe gag reflex can be caused by several factors, including anxiety or trauma, but thankfully, there are ways to manage and alleviate this condition. Fortunately, our dentist can help patients manage this condition so they can receive necessary treatments without discomfort. By engaging in a thoughtful conversation and understanding the root cause of the condition, Dr. Londono can then create a customized plan that works best for the patient. This might include the use of topical anesthetics to numb the back of the throat, accommodating techniques like adjusting positions, or teaching patients to manage their severe gag reflexes while in the office. With the guidance of our Winter Haven dentist, individuals with severe gag reflexes can be treated, managed, and eventually overcome this common dental hurdle to achieve optimal oral health and improve quality of life.

Improving Access with Dental Accommodations

Dental accommodations ensure that patients with dental anxiety, dental phobia, and severe gag reflexes can receive adequate dental care for improved overall wellness. Call 863-508-2565 or message us today for more information about how Dream Dental of Winter Haven can accommodate you or your loved ones so that everyone can achieve a healthy, sparkling smile.