Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Winter Haven, FL

Did you know that you can fix chips, cracks, and discoloration in a single appointment with dental bonding? Our cosmetic dentist in Winter Haven can use smile design technology to personalize the shape and length of your new teeth right in front of your eyes. Before you ever agree to treatment, we can show you pictures of what your new teeth will look like.

You have more control than ever over your smile. When it comes to achieving your ideal smile, we want to do what we can to help you get there. Our expert dentist and skilled dental professionals will craft your designer smile and use cosmetic dental services like tooth bonding to make your dreams a reality.

How We Address Minor Imperfections With Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

It’s possible you’ve been told by previous dentists that the only way to fix some of your minor complaints is through orthodontic treatment. Braces and invisible aligners can be a costly and time-consuming process, so if you don’t need them for severe cosmetic issues or health concerns, you may feel hesitant to take the plunge. Thankfully, tooth bonding can repair some of these imperfections. 

Here are some examples of aesthetic issues that cosmetic tooth bonding can repair:

  • Uneven lengths of teeth
  • Teeth that are too short
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Set-in stains and discoloration
  • Teeth that are oddly shaped
  • Fluorosis and tetracycline stains
  • Chips and cracks

With bonding services, you can get several cosmetic treatments in one! Enjoy a same-day smile makeover that can take the place of orthodontic treatment, tooth whitening, and crown lengthening in one!

Repairing Your Teeth Is a Good Long-Term Investment

It isn’t just an aesthetic decision to bond your teeth. Dental bonding is also a therapeutic treatment that can help you repair cracks, chips, and broken teeth, so they stay healthy for longer.

When you don’t repair these issues, even if you aren’t in pain because of them, you’re putting your teeth and gums at risk of health problems. Our teeth are shaped and spaced the way that they are, so they can evenly disperse pressure. Their unbroken services are also great at resisting bacteria and decay. When these things are out of order, you’re more likely to suffer a complete, painful break or a full-blown tooth infection.

Look out for your financial future with tooth bonding, a responsible decision for your health and your confidence.

Perfection in One Session: The Tooth Bonding Procedure From Start to Finish

When you come in for your bonding appointment, we will carefully match your bonds to your natural tooth color, or we can select a whiter shade. Then, we will follow these steps:

  • Our dentist will roughen the enamel with a light acid. This helps the resin to create a strong bond with the tooth.
  • We may apply a bonding agent before layering on the composite.
  • We will shape and mold the resin before curing it with a UV light.
  • To get the proper shape and texture, we may sand, shape, and polish it.

The entire process takes between half an hour and an hour per tooth, but we don’t rush perfection. Rest assured that our skilled cosmetic dentist will take the time they need to give you a proper smile makeover.

How Long Does Tooth Bonding Last?

How long your tooth bonding lasts will depend on how well you take care of your teeth and how much of your tooth is covered in the composite. Composite resin can last up to ten years, so whole-tooth bonding (also called composite veneers) may last this long. Small repairs will likely need to be replaced sooner than that. Think 3 to 7 years.


You can make your bonding last longer with a few easy tips and tricks:

  • Don’t use your teeth as tools
  • Don’t bite inanimate objects or hard foods
  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene
  • Minimize exposure to tinted foods and beverages
  • Don’t smoke or vape
  • Use a dental night guard, especially if you grind your teeth

We’d be happy to offer more guidance about how to make the most of your bonds when you visit our office.

Say Goodbye to Imperfections at Dream Dental of Winter Haven

You don’t have to wait for years to get the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Tooth bonding may be the answer to all of your smile complaints! Schedule your consultation today by booking online or calling our office at 863-508-2565. We would be happy to take questions and conduct your appointment in Spanish or English.