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Dental Crowns in Winter Haven, FL

Plaque bacteria go through a fairly predictable process when they destroy our teeth. First, they create a sticky film as they digest the remnants of food left in our mouths. This film sticks to the surface of our teeth, allowing bacteria to soften and degrade the enamel, dig into the dentin, and infect the pulp. When we don’t remove plaque bacteria through regular brushing and flossing, that sticky film hardens into tartar, and tartar is bad news for your teeth and gums.

Over time, this process causes permanent damage that cannot be reversed, even with cavity fillings. Once that tooth is infected, the infected pulp and dentin have to be removed and repaired, and even after repairs, your tooth has lost some of its strength. That’s where dental crowns come in. These strong dental restorations protect injured and repaired teeth from further infection, pain, and pressure.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A tooth crown is a custom-made restoration that covers the entire visible area (the crown) of your tooth. There are several types of crowns that vary by price and level of protection. Our dentist can talk with you about which material best suits your needs, but here is a brief overview of your options:

  • Gold. These crowns, while more of an investment, are one of the strongest and longest-lasting. Gold crowns that are well-cared for can last for decades before needing to be replaced. Because they are made of metal, they can cause sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • Porcelain. These beautiful, tooth-colored restorations are typically reserved for front tooth crowns. Porcelain on its own is more fragile than metal, so it’s not suitable for molars. With proper care, porcelain crowns can also last for a long time.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). With PFM crowns, patients get the best of both worlds. These dental crowns combine the strength and durability of gold and metal crowns with the aesthetic appeal of porcelain.
  • Zirconia. This ultra-strong material can withstand biting, clenching, and grinding even better than gold and PFM crowns. Like porcelain, Zirconia is tooth-colored and indistinguishable from your surrounding natural teeth.

While dental crowns are meant to be strong and long-lasting, they do need special care to protect them from repeated stress. Our dentist may recommend a dental night guard if you suffer from bruxism.

The Tooth Crown Procedure Lengthens the Lifespan of Your Teeth

The process of attaching a dental crown is fairly easy and straightforward. After we administer a local anesthetic, we will begin the procedure.

First, we clean and disinfect the tooth. This may include using debriding solutions, drills, and (in severe cases) antibiotics to make sure that no bacteria or infections remain. In some cases, we need to fill the tooth with synthetic materials that restore the strength and integrity of the tooth. We will seal it all with one of several dental filling materials.

During this process, we will have to remove some of your enamel so that the tooth will fit inside a crown. We take a mold of the remaining tooth material and send it off to a lab where it will be individually constructed for you. You will be given a temporary crown until yours comes in. To attach your permanent crown, we permanently adhere it to your tooth with strong dental cement.

How to Protect and Maintain Your Dental Crown

Your crown is strong and durable, but you can help it to last longer and better protect your teeth by taking good care of it. We recommend these daily habits:

  • Brush and floss daily. Your tooth isn’t immune to decay because of the crown’s protection.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods such as ice or caramel. Cut hard foods such as apples into more manageable bites.
  • Don’t use your teeth as tools. If you don’t have a bottle opener, you’re better off not drinking that drink than using your teeth to open it.
  • Don’t smoke or vape. Nicotine, tar, and vaping liquids are hard on your gums, often leading to dental caries, gum sensitivity, and gum recession.

We can offer more guidance on how to properly maintain your teeth during your visit.

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