Why its better to go to a dentist for emergency care

Visit Our Dentist in Winter Haven, Florida for Urgent Dental Care, Not the ER

If you haven’t had a dental emergency before, it may be your instinct to visit the emergency room rather than your dentist. Some dentists don’t even offer emergency care, so how can you tell who to visit when you need same-day treatment? Ideally, you should visit an emergency dentist in Winter Haven who is familiar with your dental and oral health history.

At Dream Dental, we offer walk-in and same-day services for people experiencing a dental health emergency. Whether you’re a new or current patient, we can perform your dental restoration, extraction, or root canal on the same day. Plus, our on-site periodontist can treat urgent gum bleeding, gum pain, and tooth pain.

Why You May Not Get the Help You Need at the Emergency Room

It is common practice for emergency rooms to prioritize patients with the greatest need. While you’re hoping to be seen immediately, you may end up waiting hours in a long queue of other emergencies. So, if you’re in a great deal of pain, there may be no end in sight, as there’s no way to tell how soon you’ll get help.

While emergency rooms have antibiotics, pain relievers, and trauma specialists on-hand for serious medical emergencies, the best they can do is get you out of danger. They will have to send you back to a dentist for additional treatment such as a dental crown. You end up spending more money for treatment that took longer and didn’t account for all of your needs.

Call Our Office to Determine Whether ER Treatment Should Come First

While we are equipped to handle nearly every dental emergency, there are a few instances where you may be in better hands at the hospital. If you’re unsure whether you need to come in or go to the ER, call our office. We can advise you on the best option for your specific emergency.

The Advantages of Having Your Dentist Treat You During a Dental Emergency

Your doctor needs to be able to make quick decisions about the proper treatment. When you’re at the emergency room, you’ll have to either take the time to fill in your doctor about your health conditions and treatment history or hope that nothing they do will have an adverse reaction.

When you build a relationship with our dentist in Winter haven, we can make educated decisions when time is lacking. You can have greater confidence in our decisions because we know your health history already. Plus, if and when you need follow-up care, you don’t have to get referred to another doctor. We can take care of all of the necessary services in one place.

Get Comprehensive Urgent Dental Care at Dream Dental of Winter Haven, FL

When you’re in pain, you shouldn’t have to wait hours or days to be seen, especially if you’re only going to receive bandaid treatment that doesn’t fix the actual problem. At our office, you’ll receive the full spectrum of treatment and follow-up care at our office. Because we know you, we can make the right decisions for your health, and fast.
Call 863-508-2565 to schedule your same-day appointment, or walk in for help from our emergency dentist.