The true value of a family dentist

Family Dentists Are More Than Just Dentists for All Ages

If you are a caretaker for a child or another member of your family, then you’re already familiar with one of the main advantages of having a family dentist. You can get your whole family’s dental care in one place! This can save you time and stress when making appointments. Since you don’t have to search around for contact information and do paperwork for multiple offices, you can be in and out of your routine check-ups with greater ease.

Convenience is just one advantage of having a family dentist, however. We truly believe that you can receive more comprehensive, all-inclusive care for each individual in your family when one person is taking care of everyone’s dental and oral health. At Dream Dental of Winter Haven, our dentist can use knowledge of your family’s health, habits, and preferences to create more individualized treatment plans.

We Use Knowledge of Your Family’s History to Prevent Health Problems

While many oral and dental health problems come from habits and hygiene, some people are more likely to suffer from certain conditions due to a genetic predisposition. For example, if your parent or grandparent had oral cancer and no history of smoking, we can proactively screen for any indications of oral cancer for early detection and treatment.

The same goes for any health conditions and allergies. If you are allergic to local anesthetic, then we would know to be cautious about administering local anesthetic to your children. It’s a huge advantage to know about family health conditions, so we don’t have to make risky decisions that could endanger the health of your family members.

We Have the Means to Accommodate Your Children While You’re Waiting

As a caregiver, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You shouldn’t have to bear the full burden of entertaining and soothing your child when you’re worried about what your next hour of treatment will look like. When you bring your children with you to your appointment, you can still enjoy a beat of peace. Our office has a play area for your children that includes video games, a drink bar, streaming services, and free Wi-Fi.

Because our office is built for your family, we can share the responsibility of their care and protection. And when they finally transition into adult dental care, we have everything we need to seamlessly transition them. No more shuffling your kid from pediatric dentist to teen orthodontist to adult practitioner. When we are responsible for your family’s care through multiple stages of life, each member can enjoy continuous advocacy through every hurdle and every success. 

Get All-Inclusive Family Dentistry at Our Dentist in Winter Haven, FL

Our team offers more than just family-centered dentistry. We offer full and complete dental healthcare from gum disease prevention to bone grafting for dental implants. Whatever your family needs, we aim to provide it–all with the compassionate and expert care of the team at Dream Dental. Get the smile of your dreams with all of the benefits and none of the hassle.

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